Organic Growth Oil

Organic Growth Oil

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-Our Organic Growth Oil is a light handmade growth oil made with special herbs , it is made to boost your hair growth! Leaving with with a very refreshing sent! You will see results in 3 weeks if used consistently. This oil is to be used once a day! * This product may contain nuts if you’re allergic to nuts be cautions *

size : 4oz


DISCLAIMER: *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. I am not making medical claims, this is not intended to treat cure or heal, I am not promising a cure. This product is made with all natural ingredients. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients do not use the product. If you are unsure if you are allergic, please do a 24hour skin test prior to full application. We are not liable for any illness or allergic reaction. Minimal itching/tingling is expected with use.
Can be safely used for HAIR USE ONLY.


Customer Reviews

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I love the oil but never received my full order!

I absolutely love the oil and it does help my hair grow however I placed an order for two bottles and only received one bottle. I’ve reached out via phone and email and still waiting on a reply-I just would like my second bottle of oil when they restock or a refund please. Thank you!!

Tadyria Walker

My hair is still not really growing but I am still going to use it

Patrice Sparrow
This is my second time ordering the Hair Oil

I love it it helped me last year. My hair grew so much and got healthy and thick. I cut my hair. So why not use what I know work.
Im growing my hair back.


I never received my order I came to the store 3 times to pick it up after I received the order ready email. and I was told it wasn’t ready and to come back each time! I messaged on IG and was told I would receive a refund I NEVER RECEIVED IT! I am disgusted with the customer service. Gas is too expensive to have to be running back and forth for nothing! I will not be ordering anything from them anymore


I just order 3 bottles . I have tried to find some oil/ hair grease that would work for me . When I tried ABC hair oil that was the only thing that worked for me. So, if you haven’t used it please give it a try. I highly recommend this oil . It’s my number one go to oil ..